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monument signs

A monument sign is a full-color, high-impact sign that provides an excellent format for street advertising while representing an image of the pride you have in your company. Attractive and durable, it’s the perfect way to market your business in a highly visible location.

Typically installed low to the ground, a monument sign is a detached, freestanding sign whose sign surface is attached to a proportionate solid base or structural frame. They can be internally or externally illuminated.

Monument signs are used to increase brand awareness and create a sense of community for your facility. They're constructed to withstand the elements, ensuring a long life that will retain its value. Monument signs come in multiple sizes and can be custom-made to fit your needs. The goal of our company is to take the design of your monument sign seriously. We want to make sure that it represents your current needs and vision for your business. We can work with you from start to finish creating the perfect sign.

We take pride in providing attractive and affordable monument signs, designed to fit your business. Our monument signs can be customized in a variety of ways, including shape, material, and illumination.

Lit monument sign for Campus View Apartments
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