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Magnetic signs are a popular way to advertise your business. Not all magnetic signs are alike, even if they look the same. The difference is in the guarantee that comes with them.

Not so long ago most magnetic signs were only expected to last and keep their good looks for a couple of years. That’s still true in some shops. What’s more, the color options were somewhat limited. Today, we can produce economical magnetic signs that are guaranteed to last eight years with proper care. By using high quality materials and printing inks, our magnetic signs offer great durability and beauty. Our designs help make your business look good, and ensure that customers don’t forget you as they pass by. As part of our high-quality printing process, a tough clear coat laminate is added as the final step. Our unique high-gloss finish ensures resistance to moisture and UV damage for outdoor applications.

Business owners looking to advertise their company and attract potential customers need the right signage. We offer durable and long lasting magnetic signs based on your specifications, in order to provide you with the best solution for your outdoor signs needs.

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